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About Department

Department of Mathematics is established in 1992. Mathematics being an international subject is introduced for science stream as optional subject at national level and naturally has to have a department of its own. Proficiency in Mathematics is considered essential for higher professional and vocational education. Since the college level is a transitional stage between school and university efforts have to be taken to expand and develop the base which has been already provided in the school. The discipline of mathematics study can help in developing this perception and thus provide an additional tool for serious students of mathematics. Mathematics being the language of all sciences plays a significant role in science subjects. Presently our department consists of two permanent faculties. The faculty members are highly competent who inspire to keep pace with the current scientific knowledge. Mathematics is an optional subject for B.Sc. (Three year degree course). Department assists the students to become ready to face the problems of other areas of study by preparing them in the fundamental subject like Calculus, Geometry, Differential Equations, Numerical analysis, Theory of Equations, Theory of Matrices, Number Theory etc,.

Importance of the subject

There are vast opportunities for the aspirants who have passed B.Sc. Mathematics. They can pursue their higher studies in different areas. They can also look for jobs in different fields in private and public sector. There are various options available for B.Sc. Mathematics graduate to pursue their higher studies. One of the best higher studies option available for the B.Sc. Mathematics graduate is to do Master’s Degree in Mathematics followed by Ph.D. or M. Phil. Thus they can find a promising career in Research or Teaching field. Master of Computer Application (MCA) is the best higher study option for the B.Sc. Mathematics graduates who wish to pursue their career in IT sector. Research Agencies like Defense Research and Development Organization prefer MCA graduates with Mathematics background in their Remote Sensing Centers. So MCA is a good higher study option for the graduates in B.Sc. Mathematics, Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the best higher study option for the B.Sc. Mathematics graduates who wish to pursue their career in Management field. If they do the specialization in Finance in MBA, then they can reach up to higher positions like Chief Finance Officer in Corporate Sector. Various certification courses available in Commerce field for the B.Sc. Mathematics graduates are Chartered Accountant (CA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and Certified Financial Planner (CFP). There are jobs available in various other sectors for the graduates of B.Sc. Mathematics. These sectors are Software, Insurance, Marketing, Banking sector. There are also jobs available for these graduates in government sector. Various exams are conducted by UPSC every year for recruiting these graduates to several posts. Some of those exams are Tax Assistant exam, Statistical Investigator exam and Combined Graduate Level Exam. Most popular career option after B.Sc. Mathematics is teaching. There are plenty of colleges available in India which provides various courses in Mathematics. So it is easy to get job in this field. For that reason this career option is popular among the graduates of B.Sc. Mathematics.


Faculty Members

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Laboratory Staff