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About Department

The department of History was established in the year 1972 along with the establishment of the college. The department provides valuable knowledge of history, historical places and events. The department encourages for regular visits to the historical places and promotes the students to learn history theoretically as well as practically. The department has organized “State level Marathwada Ithihas Parishad”on 13th -14th  December 2008 which was partially sponsored by ICHR Delhi.

The department has also organized UGC Sponsored two days National level Conference on Rewriting of the Maratha History on 10th &11th  August 2015.

The faculty members vigorously participate and present research papers at various level. The Department continuously takes the keen retrospection of students’ achievements and their progress.

Importance of the subject

History is not just a record of events but it is an independent branch of study which deals with arts, religion, architecture, traditions, aesthetics etc. It helps in factual understanding of the things. It increases knowledge, understanding. It creates awareness of time and space, society and culture. It promotes values; it makes us respect the opinions of our fellow beings. It gives us courage   to handle notorious issues with complete sympathy. It inculcates loyalty to the nation. In short, history becomes useful for shaping the personality of balanced future citizens. Hence it is a comprehensive and all encompassing subject.

                        History gives rational attitude and increases reasoning power. R.G. Colling Wood in his book, ‘Idea of History’ speaks of the scope of history in the following words. ‘History has a value; its teachings are useful for human life, simply because the rhythm of its change is likely to repeat itself. Similar antecedents leading to similar consequents,’ history of notable events is worth remembering in order to serve as a basis for prognostic, judgments not demonstrable but probable laying down not what will happen, but what is likely to happen, indicating the paints of danger in rhythms now going on. 


Faculty Members

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