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About Department

The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 1992-93. College has started M.Sc. Post Graduate course in Organic Chemistry in the year 2007-08. Research center was started from the academic year 2014-15. The department has well qualified, energetic teaching and non-teaching staff. Laboratory is well equipped with research Instrument like IR, UV, Gouy Balance, Microwave Oven and all necessary instruments, glassware’s to conduct all B.Sc., and M.Sc. practical’s and research activities. Dr. Bhosale V.N., Dr.Magar B.K and Dr.Magare.B.K are recognized P.G. teacher & Research guide. The 16 research students are working under the guidance of these faculties.

Importance of the subject

Chemistry is important to everyday life, because it provides medicine. The food we consume each day comes directly from chemical processes. It helps meet basic needs such as clothing, energy and shelter, and contributes to the improvement of air, water and soil quality.

The scope of Chemistry in Industry plays an important and useful role towards the development and growth of a number of industries. This includes industries like glass, cement, paper, textile, leather, dye etc. We also see huge applications of chemistry in industries like paints, pigments, petroleum, sugar, plastics, Pharmaceuticals.

Chemistry is also important for the environment. When you are aware of the harmful effects of the gases like carbon dioxide and methane as a result of the greenhouse effect, you can easily carve out the solutions for the reduction of its effects on the environment. If you possess a minimum knowledge of the importance and use of chemistry you can help in saving the environment to a large extent.

Understanding the basic chemistry is essential for all, but specializing in chemistry, making a career out of the subject is also interesting. Plenty of chemistry related high paying jobs are available today. All the medical students, physicists, geologists, nutritionists study chemistry.

The main employers of chemistry graduates are in the chemical and related industries, such as: agrochemicals, metallurgical, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics and polymers toiletries, Forensic Chemist. , Biochemistry, biotechnology, Water quality chemist and Cosmetic etc.

Scope for Higher Studies after B.Sc Chemistry.

After pursuing a  B.Sc Chemistry candidates can go for different job opportunities. But we advise you to first pursue M.Sc degree in Chemistry through IIT JAM Exam and then head-out to secure a job.If you really find the chemistry between you and this field sparkling you to pursue higher studies after M.Sc Chemistry can opt for courses like MPhil Chemistry or Ph.D in Chemistry.

If you are interested in regular PhD after your post-graduation, you can appear in various exams like GATE JRF, TIFR, CSIR NET JRF etc., depending upon your field of study and choice of the universities and colleges.

If you are interested in applying for the Integrated PhD courses right after your graduation, then you can go for exams like IIT JAM Exam, GATE etc. to get into the best Ph.D universities in India.

Certification Courses after B.Sc Chemistry

There are a few options of certification courses available after BSc Chemistry that help you reinforce your academic prowess, out of which a very common one is PGDAC (Post-Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry. 

Thus, the subject of Chemistry can offer a wide range of employment opportunities to candidates in both private as well as government sectors

Job Profile for Bachelor of Chemistry

A sea of career options, starting from in industry, government to academic, is available for Chemistry graduates. Pick the one that's your call –Chemist, Lab Assistant, Geneticist, ResearchSpecialist, Radiologist,Lecturer,Toxicologist,Biochemist,Pharmaceutical Sales Executive, Cytologist, Technical Writer etc.

Top Recruitment Companies for B.Sc. Chemistry Graduates

Top companies in Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical industry are:,  SRF Limited, IGL businesses, Reliance Industries Limited, Gujarat Fluor chemicals, GHCL Ltd, Deepak Nitrite Limited, Gharda Chemicals, BASF India Ltd, Cipla, Solar Industries India Ltd, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Biocon, UPL Ltd etc.

This is true that there has been a lot of development in the subject of Chemistry over the years, so there are great opportunities for the candidates in the future.

 You choose the path as per your interest, abilities and satisfaction as every candidate has different talents, values, goals and interest.


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