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About Department

    Economics is one of the oldest department of this college. It started functioning 1972. The department is active  for various activities. Provides valuable information to students and inspires  for various jobs. Students prepare manuscripts and research survey in every year. Department organizes students seminar and publishes wall paper entitled ‘Arthsanwad’. This wallpaper deals with basic concept and contemporary issues of economics.  Dr. Gorde Sunil Anna is working as a Head of Department since July 2008. He has twelve years of experience. Dr. Gorde S.A. has also passed SET in February 2005. He has completed his Ph.D. from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathawada University Aurangabad. The faculty member are actively involved in research activities.



  • To promote the students for study of economics.
  • To make their basic clear. 
  • To give factual knowledge of economics.
  • To develop interest in the study of economics.
  • To provide facility for self-expression by giving additional aids: such as manuscript, economics research survey, wallpaper, statistics, diagrams and seminar.
  • To empower rural students through economics.
  • To develop logical thinking on recent trends in economics.
  • To prepare the students to take-up undergraduate degree.


The vision of the department includes

  • Improving the performance of the students.
  • Making the subject more attractive and interesting.
  • Provide theoretical and applied knowledge of economics for inclusive growth.


“Provide education in economics for the rural students to empower them and enhance the employability".

Importance of the subject

     Economics is the study of how use scarce resources to produce commodities and describes the production, distribution and consumption of good and services. The economic analysis help in use scarce resources in more efficient. Developing countries there are a lot of wastage of resources which is the main cause of their poverty. The economic analysis enables them to make the optimum use of their resources. Developing countries are facing many problems like unemployment, over population, low per capita income, low production, economics is very useful in solving these problems. It helps in removing the poverty from the country. Study of economics helps a person in wining job in the present market. Finance minister prepares the yearly budget of the country, economics guides him that how he should frame the tax policy and monetary policy. It guides the workers that how they can get maximum wages from the employer. A businessman can easily understand the trade policies of various countries and how to make a product appeal more to customers.


Faculty Members

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Designation: Assistant Professor
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Laboratory Staff