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The department of political science is one of the leading and vigorous department of the college. The department has been established in 1972 along with the establishment of the college. The department is consistently and energetically working for the progress of not only the faculty member but also the students to enhance the quality education. The department has recognized research center , headed by Dr. A. S. Shinde under his research guide ship six students are awarded the Ph.D degree. He inspires and encourages the faculty member for research work, and the fruitful result of it is one of the faculty member Dr.R.K.Pawar is awarded the Ph.D degree. It is pride of department that Dr.R.K. Pawar has completed his doctoral work handleds the NSS unit has the Program.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathawada University Aurangabad. Dr.B.G Deshmukh work as a Asst. professor from 2010. He has completed Ph.D work . .Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathawada University Aurangabad. His research topic entitled, “ The role of opposite political parties in Maharashtra in 1990-2003”. Prof. R.P. Deore also working as Asst. professor in political science on CHB. The department has been running P.G. course in Political Science since 2006. The students capacity of it is 60. The University examination results are near about 95% of UG and 75% P.G. The department actively retrospect’s the progress, achievement and personality development.

Importance of the subject

Political science is the most important branch of social science and its chief concern is with the political behaviour of individuals, groups of individuals, agencies, institutions, organisation et al. Since all these are subject to change and they are changing continuously the subject matter of political science is bound to change, so also the scope of Political Science. A renowned author has analysed the scope of Political Science from four different angles and these are: Politics as the art of government, politics as public affairs, politics as compromise and consensus, politics as power and distribution of resources. But this categorization of scope of political science cannot be treated as final because the emergence of new phenomena and situation will Impact the decision making process of government, government and governed relation, attitude of people towards politics and government, people’s ideas about the functions of state etc. No serious thinker can neglect all “these issue whilst analysing politics. Two or three decades ago even a well-versed political scientist paid little thought and attention to globalization and neo-liberalism. But today these two concepts have covered a significant portion of the subject while analysing the scope, we must note it.


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