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Address : Tq.kannad Dist Aurangabad
Mobile No.: 9890588189
Department: History
Current designation: Assistant Professor

:: Educational Qualification

Name of Exam Board/University Passing Mon-Year Stream/Subject Obtained/Total Marks % or Grade Point
S S C Amravati June 1992 Mar,Hin,English,Math,Science, 339/700 II
HSC Amravati June 1994 Mar,English,Eco, His, Pol Sci, 292/600 II class
B A Dr B A M U Aurangabad 1998 Mar, His, Pub Adm, 1151/2500 II class
M A Dr B A M U Aurangabad 2001 History 445/800 II class
M.Phil, Y C M O U Nashik Dec 2008 History 191/250 First class
Ph,D S R T M U Nanded 26-07-2014 History 0000 First class

:: Research Degree(s)

Degree Title Date of Award University
Ph.D ?????????? ?????? ???????????? 2014-07-26 S R T M U Nanded

:: Period of teaching experience: (in Years)

PG Classes
UG Classes 18 yars

:: Research Experience excluding years spent in M. Phil / Ph. D (in years):

:: Work Experience

Name of Employer Type of Service Designation Nature of Post From-To Pay Scale Approval date
Dr. Bhanuse Karbhari Laxman Professor Assistant Professor U G 2008-07-18 to 0000-00-00 15 2009-02-10

:: Research Papers/ Conference Proceedings

Type of Journal Title with Page No. UGC Approved/Care Listed Journal Details Published year Sole/ Co-Author Peer Review/Impact Factor UGC Approved/Care Listed ISSN/ISBN Vol./ Issue
An International Multilidiscip ??????? ???? ?????????? ?????? Ajanta Prakashan Aurangabad 2012 Sole ISSN 2277-5730
International Research Journal ?????? ?????? ????? ?????????? Hi-Tech Research Analysis 2012 Sole ISSN 2231-6671
UGC Sponsored National Confere ????? ???? ????????? ??????? Role of Phycisal Education and 2012 Sole ISSN 2229-5623
International Research Journal Rajrshi shau maharajanche shetivishayak dhoran 4 No Social Growth may 2015 sole 2.03 issn 2229-6190 vol II,Issue x
International Research Journal setkari aatmhatya karne 5-8 No Historicity February 2016 sole 0.4521(UIF) 2393-8900 vol-II iss VI
Multi disciplinary Research Jo sant tukaramanche karya P.No.77-80 No New VIsion Imapact of movemant August 2016 Sole ISSN NO 2394-9996 vol- I
International Multidisciplinar kannad yethil mahanubhav mandir P.N.75 No Golden Research Thought Dec 2016 Sole 4.6052 (UIF) ISSN 2231-5063 VOL 6 Iss 6
International Research journ Rameshawar Mandir Yes Printing eariya Aug 2017 Sole 4.002 Jr.No.43053 Issn 2394 -5303 vol-03 Iss-32
Multi Dicsiplinary Internation Varkari ani Dindi parampara Yes Languages,Literature & Social Sciences Feb 2018 Sole 4.197 J.NO.63716 Issn 2454-550 V-3
A Bimonthly International Jour Mahila sablikaran P. N. 146 Yes Chronicle of humanities &cultural studies January 2018 Soal 4.197 J.N. 63716 Issn 2454-5503 Vol-4 Iss 1

:: Paper Presented in Conference/Workshop/Symposium

Title of Paper Paper present Date Type of Conf./Workshop/Symposium Details of Conf./Workshop/Symposium Organizer Details Proceedings Published? Sole/Coauthor
Dr. B.Amebedkaranche Mahilavis 2010-02-10 conf. New trendes in history Dayanand College, Latur sole
rajrshi Shahu Maharajanche Edu 2011-02-09 Workshop Historical Importance and Rele Pramiladevi college ,Niknur sole
Mahatma Gandhi Samj gairsamj 2012-09-26 Conf. Contemporary Relevance of Gand Deogiri college ,A,bad sole

:: Chapter in Editor of Book with ISSN/ISBN

Title of Book no. of pages Name of Book Publishers name with ISSN/ISBN/No. No .of Co.Authors Whether Principal Author Supervisor Co.Supervisor
Rewriting of the Maratha Histoty 567 Raje Lkhuji Jadhav Prin shivaji college Isbn-978-81-925220-3-6 0 Principal Author
AN International Multidisciplinaary Research Joura 152 36 Ajanta Prakashan Issn NO 2277-5730 0 Principal Author