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Address : At. Kannad, Tq. Kannad, Dist. Aurangabad
Mobile No.: 9403124729
Department: Psychology
Current designation: Associate Professor

:: Educational Qualification

Name of Exam Board/University Passing Mon-Year Stream/Subject Obtained/Total Marks % or Grade Point
M.A. Marathwada University June 1986 Psychology 58.3 % Merit Vth
B.A Marathwada University May 1984 65.8 % Merit Ist
H.S.C Aurangabad Divisional Board March - 198 64.50 % I class
S.S.C Aurangabad Divisional Board May 1978 62.71 % I class

:: Research Degree(s)

Degree Title Date of Award University
Ph.D Occupational Stress, Mental Health and Life satisfaction of Bank Employees 2012-05-28 Dr. B.A.M.U Aurangabad

:: Period of teaching experience: (in Years)

PG Classes -
UG Classes 32 years

:: Research Experience excluding years spent in M. Phil / Ph. D (in years):


:: Research Papers/ Conference Proceedings

Type of Journal Title with Page No. UGC Approved/Care Listed Journal Details Published year Sole/ Co-Author Peer Review/Impact Factor UGC Approved/Care Listed ISSN/ISBN Vol./ Issue
International Mental Health And Stress Among Bank Employees , Page No. 55 No New Voices April 2012 Sole - No ISSN 2231-3249 Vol II, Issue I
International Occupational Stress And Life Satisfaction Among Executives , Page No. 185 No Excel Journal of Engineering Technology & Management Science January 2012 Sole - No ISSN 2249-9032 Vol 1, No. 2
International Stress And Sexual Dysfunction Among Call Center Employees No Indian Psychology April - June 2014 Sole - No ISSN 2348-5396 Vol 1, Issue-3
National A Study Of Achievement Motivation And Study Habits, Page No. 30 No Research Aaj Tak April - June 2015 Sole - No ISSN 2278-2001 Vol 4, No. 1
International Anxity and Academic Achievement Motivation in Adolescent , Page No. 35-38 Yes Ajanta July - Sept 2017 Sole 4.205 Yes ISSN 2277-5730 Vol VI, Issue III
International Self-Confidence And Decision Making Between Joint And Separate Family's Women - Page No. 193 Yes Chronicle Of Humanities & Cultural Studies February 2018 Sole 4.197 Yes ISSN 2454-5503 Vol 4, Issue 2
International The Effect of Family Structure on College Students In Relation to Emotional Maturity and Loneliness, Page No. 20 Yes Power Of Knowledge April - June 2019 Sole 1.7286 Yes ISSN 2320-4494 Vol 3, Issue-1
International Gender Differences in Relation to Family Conflict Among Bank Officers , Page No. 19-21 Yes Vidyawarta July - Sept 2019 Sole 6.021 Yes ISSN 2319-9318 Vol 09, Issue-31
National Impact Of Yoga and Meditation on Mental & Physical Health of Doctor Employees Yes Think India December 2019 Sole - Yes ISSN 0971-1260 Vol 22, Special Issue-13
International Rajashri Shahu Maharajanche Shaikshanik Karya Ani Vartamankalin Prasangikta, Page No. 113-116 Yes Ajanta January-March 2020 Sole 6.399 Yes ISSN 2277-5730 Vol 09, Issue-1

:: Paper Presented in Conference/Workshop/Symposium

Title of Paper Paper present Date Type of Conf./Workshop/Symposium Details of Conf./Workshop/Symposium Organizer Details Proceedings Published? Sole/Coauthor
Adivasinchi Jeevanshailli Unchavtanna Tyanchya Manavar Yenare Taan Va Vyavassthapan 2008-11-14 National Marathi Manas-Shastra Parishad Mulji Jetha Mahavidyalaya, Jal Yes Sole
Vyasanadhinata - Ek Avhaan Ani Manasshastranyanchi Bhumika 2008-11-30 State Jwalanta Rashtriya Samassya So Devgiri Mahavidyalaya, Auranga Yes Sole
Mental Health And Stress Among Bank Employees 2009-01-30 International The Indian Academy of Applied Maulana Azad College, Aurangab Yes Sole
Experience of Stress Among Music Performers Coping Mechanisms 2010-02-18 International Quality of Life And Globalizat Andhra University, Visakhapatn Yes Sole
Mental Health And Stress Among Executives 2013-05-22 International Application Of Psychological T Karnatak University, Dharwad Yes Sole
Stress And Sexual Dysfunction Among Call Center Employees 2014-03-01 International Psychology For Holistic Living G L S Arts College, Ahmedabad Yes Sole
Effect of Yoga and Meditation on Stress and Mental Health 2015-01-25 International Applied Psychology and Spiritu Shri Padmavathi Womens Degree Yes Sole
Stress And Mental Health Of Yoga Doer And Yoga Non-Doer Teachers 2015-08-21 State Marathi Manas-Shastra Parishad Shivaji Arts, Commerce And Sci Yes Sole
Effect of Yoga and Meditation on Mental Health of Bank Employees 2018-01-30 State Psychotherapies and Health M S G Arts, Science And Commer Yes Sole
Impact Of Yoga On Physical Health Of Students 2019-01-19 National Yoga And Stress Management Ankushrao Tope College, Jalna Yes Sole