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About Department

The department of Hindi is established in 1972. This department contributed a lot in National Integration work by spreading Hindi in Non-Hindi speaking area. Department is trying to create literary sense by organizing various literary programs. It is a matter of pride for this department that Dr. Chandradev Kawade worked in this department, who is working as president of Hindi Prachar Sabha, Hyderabad.

 Major Activities 

1) Literary forum – To create literary sense among students . Department organizes lecturers and workshop on poetry writing skills and story writing skills regularly and organizing poetry reading and story telling competitions under this forum.

 2) Media efficiency—Department organizes media efficiency program for the students .In this program department is organizing program like T.V. news reading. T.V. news anchoring and news writing Skills in print media. 

3) Wall paper ( Rashtra Bhasha): - Department publishes wall paper entitled Rashtrabhasha which is good platform for student to express and show their literary and writing skills. Our departments have two recognized research guide i) Dr.Burse G.K. ii) Dr.Gadkari A. N.

Importance of the subject

Hindi is language of communication in India. In the constitution of India Hindi is official language of India and existed in the mind of Indian people. Thus Hindi is national language. Hindi language is on number two position in the world as per the ratio of speakers. In our country Hindi is used by largest people for various communications, may it be official or personal.

            Another most important thing about Hindi is, it is language of business. We can observe that whenever two persons or groups speak for business purpose they speak in Hindi. Even a person goes to grocery shop or goes to vegetable market he speaks in Hindi. From street market to electronic waves of television and on  social media platform we can see Hindi as language of market. Even multinational foreign companies recognized importance of Hindi and they started different entertainment and news channels in Hindi. Different mobile producer companies started making software in Hindi. This is the recognition of potential of Hindi by foreign players. Through this angle Hindi is important language.


Scope of Subject:

By learning Hindi at UG level students have following opportunities.

1)      Student can become teacher of Professor in Hindi

2)      Student can become journalist in Hindi.

3)       Student can become Hindi officer.

4)      Student can become Hindi Translator.

5)      Student can become Hindi Reporter, anchor or news reader.

6)      Student can become Hindi Story Writer.

7)      Student can become Hindi Screenplay writer.

8)      Student can become Hindi News Editor.

9)      Student can become Hindi Advertising writer.

10) Student can become Hindi proof reader.

Faculty Members

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Laboratory Staff