• Dr. Kranti Zakade awarded Ph.D. degree in Physics under the guidance of Dr. Yusuf H. Shaikh on 11th Jan. 2018
  • Dr. Surekha Munde awarded Ph.D. degree in Physics under the guidance of Dr. Yusuf H. Shaikh on 20th Jan.2018

Introduction of Department:

The department is one of the leading and dedicated departments in the college, which has established in the academic year 1992, with the foundation of Science department in separate building. In accordance with the mission and vision of our college, our well-qualified and enthusiastic faculty members provide quality education to the rural students. Our department always motivates the students to achieve excellence in every field of life. There is always a promising prospect for students with a background in Physics in academic institutions, research establishments and information technology sectors. Therefore, our students have employment opportunities to endure in this era of globalization.

Scope of the subject

Physics is Science that deals with Study of Matter and Energy. This study is carried out in several branches of Physics as follows:
      • Atomic & Molecular Physics.
      • Nuclear Physics.
      • Electricity & Magnetism.
      • Heat & Thermodynamics.
      • Light & Sound.
      • Solid State Physics, Material Science & Nanotechnology.
      • Microwaves
      • Electrodynamics and Plasma Physics.
      • Astronomy & Astrophysics.
To study and analyses the different Physical phenomenon in the above branches of Physics : Statistical Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and Numerical Methods are developed. Special branch of Mathematics is also evolved as Mathematical Physics.

Notice Board

Importance of the subject

In this era of Science and Technology, Physics is the backbone of almost all disciplines of Science and Technology. The following list of various branches of Science and Technology will depicts the importance of Physics.

All disciplines of Engineering’s, Space Science, Digital Electronics & Computer Science, Seismic Science, Agro and Pharmaceutical Technology, Energy Science,Electronics Telecommunication, Meteorology, Weather Science,Remote Sensing, All branches of Instrumentations, Robotic Science, Aviations & Navigation, War affair Science,Industrial Automation, Medical Science, Microwave Engineering and Mechatronics

Students Corner

Faculty Members

Dr.Shaikh Y.H.
Dr.Kolhe S.B.

Laboratory Staff

Sr. No. Name Mobile
1 Mr.R.J. Sonawane 9423700074
2 Mr.D.N.Kolte 9404548547


  • Under Graduate

    Subjects / Papers Web link
    B.Sc. First Year Physics 101 Paper I
    Physics 102 Paper II
    Physics 103 Paper III
    Physics 104 Paper IV
    Physics 105 Paper V
    Physics 106 Paper VI
    B.Sc. Second Year Physics 201 Paper VII
    Physics 202 Paper VIII
    Physics 203 Paper IX
    Physics 204 Paper X
    Paper 205 Paper XI
    Paper 206 Paper XII
    Paper 207 Paper XIII
    Paper 208 Paper XIV
    B.Sc. Third Year Physics 301 Paper XV
    Physics 302 Paper XVI
    Physics 303 Paper XVII
    Physics 304 Paper XVIII
    Physics 305 Paper XIX
    Physics 306 Paper XX
    Physics 307 Paper XXI
    Physics 308 Paper XXII
  • Post Graduate


  • Guiding faculty

    Name of Guide

    Enrolled students



    Dr.Yusuf Hanif Shaikh




  • On-going projects

    Sr. No. Ongoing Projects Name of Faculty Title of the Project Funding agency Date of commencement
    1 Minor Research Project Dr.Y.H.Shaikh Study of Dendritic pattern in Electro deposition Dr. B.A.Marathwada University 07 Feb.2018
  • Completed Projects

      Sr. No.   Completed Projects Name of Faculty     Title of the Project     Funding agency     Date of commencement    
    1 Minor Research Project     Dr.V.P.Deshpande Charactrization and applications of natural zeolites avaliable near ellora ajanta caves University Grant Commission 12-1-2008
      2 Minor Research Project Dr.Y.H.Shaikh Design and Development of Computer Based Data Acquisition System for Laboratory University Grant Commission 13-3-2009
    3 Minor Research Project        
  • Publication

    Sr. No. Name of faculty Name of Book/ Monographs Publisher Nature (Sole Author/Edited/Translated/Chap in Books) ISBN/ISSN
    1 Dr.Y.H.Shaikh Physics for Second Year III Semester Himalaya Publishing House Nagpur Co-Author 798-93-5142-983-8
    Physics for Second Year IV Semester Himalaya Publishing House Nagpur Co-Author 798-93-5202-426-1


  • Association

  • Seminars & Lectures

  • Wallpaper Presentation

  • Study Tour

    • Indo German Tool Room Aurangabad 2013 -14
    • Barmati Agro Pvt. Ltd 2014 -15
    • Videocon Refrigerator Aurangabad 2015-16
  • Best Practices

    • We conduct National Graduate Physics Examination every year.
    • Our students participate in wall paper presentation.


Name Designation Mobile no
Jadhav Sanjay Prakashrao Teacher   9028525525
Jadhav Ravindra Jagannath   Teacher 9421400760
Pardeshi Babulal Suresh Teacher 7588931353
Sonawane Yogesh Engineer 7875431968
Chaudhari Manoj Eknath Teacher 9049829807
Magar Mahesh Devidasrao Teacher 9420238446
Patil Rahul Shivaji Post Doc Fellow 8210272837
Bankar Gokul Kisanrao Module Leader 7738104400
Rindhe Santosh Kailasrao Jr.Lecturer 8275317722
Vispute Ganesh Baburao Jr. Lecturer 9421413232
Mohite Vijaysingh Krushnarao Advocate 9423154250
Mohite Iswarsingh Krushnarao Advocate 9421010142
Miss.Mahale Shital Panditrao Officer 9128912228
Chavan Manoj Babusingh Teacher 9423780480
Shejwal Nilesh Pralhadrao Project Manager 9890957837
Sandip Laxmanrao Ghuge Teacher 9049596901
Kharat Sanjay Taterao Teacher 9860669242
Mr.Shaikh Viquar Musa Asst.Professor 9421311141
Wagh Ravindra Bhaskarrao X Ray Technician 8421029829
Rathod Sandip Baburao Asst.Professor  
Mr.Nage Sunil Asaram Asst.Professor 9421314011
Kulkarni Priti Sadashivrao Teacher 8698901041
Deshmukh Sandip Ramesh HOD,Dept of Chemistry 9689398414
Deshmukh Dhananjay Ravindra Asst.Professor 9423397206
Ghuge Hareshwar Raghunathrao PSI 9404508209
Mr.Suradkar Satish Bhagwanrao Asst.Professor 9421402916
Akolkar Prashant B. Asst.Professor 9960228656
Pardesi Teacher 8149851665
Mahale Gaurav Prabhakarrao Teacher 7875431968
Ghuge Priti Govind Asst.Professor 08275239327