• Rahul Patil NET JRF Ph.D PDF
  • Deshmukh Sandip NET Qualified
  • Dr.Rathod Sandip Ph.D
  • Dr.Rathod Dhanraj Ph.D
  • Digole Ravi NET JRF Qualified
  • Mali Jaganath NET JRF Qualified
  • Pawar Rucha NET GATE Qualified
  • Korde S.A NET JRF Qualified

Introduction of Department:

The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 1992-93. College has started M.Sc. post Graduate course in Organic Chemistry in the year 2007-08. Research center was started from the academic year 2014-15. The department has well qualified, energetic teaching and non-teaching staff. Laboratory is well equipped with research Instrument like IR, UV, Gouy Balance, Microwave Oven and all necessary instruments, glassware’s to conduct all B.Sc., and M.Sc. practical’s and research activities. Dr. Bhosale V.N., Dr.Magar B.K and Dr.Magare.B.K are recognized P.G. teacher & Research guide. The 16 research students are working under the guidance of these faculties.

Notice Board

Faculty Members

Dr.Bhosale V.N.
Dr.Magare B.K.
Dr. Sakhare D.T.
Shri.Shinde D.W.
Shri Mehetre A.R.

Laboratory Staff

Sr. No. Name Mobile
01 Shri Bhosale R.N. 9766857394
02 Shri. Pawar N.K. 7588643173
03 Shri.Karwande R.M. 7588643159


  • Under Graduate

    Subjects / Papers Provide web link for syllabus
    Inorganic chemistry / Paper-I
    Organic chemistry / Paper-II
    Lab course-I /Paper -III
    Physical chemistry / Paper-IV
    Inorganic chemistry / Paper-V
    Lab course- II / Paper -VI
    Organic chemistry / Paper-VII
    Physical chemistry / Paper-VIII
    Lab course- III / Paper -IX
    Inorganic chemistry / Paper-X
    Physical chemistry / Paper-XI
    Lab course- IV / Paper -XII
    Physical chemistry / Paper-XIII
    Organic chemistry / Paper-XIV
    Lab course- V / Paper -XV
    Inorganic chemistry / Paper-XVI
    Organic chemistry / Paper-XVII
    Lab course- VI / Paper -XVIII
  • Post Graduate


  • Guiding faculty

    Sr. No. Name subject Enrolled students Ongoing Awarded
    1 Dr.V.N. Bhosale Chemistry 05 05 0
    2 Dr. B.K. Magar Chemistry 05 05 0
    3 Dr. B.K. Magare Chemistry 06 06 0
  • On-going projects

  • Completed Projects

    ` Sr. No. Name Title of the Project Funding agency Date of commencement Date of Completion
    1 Dr.V.N.Bhosale     Spectrophotometric Study of Medicinal Drugs   UGC   09/02/2007  
    2 Dr.Magar B.K. Kinetic study of formation of nitrogen and sulphur heterocycles UGC 22/02/2012  
    3 Dr.Magare B.K Solution equilibria of transition metal complexes with medicinal drugs UGC 14/10/2010  
    4 Mr.Shinde D. W. Synthesis and characterization of biologically active dihydropyridines UGC 14/01/2009  
  • Publication


  • Association

    Sr. No. Activities   Description
    1 Association/ Forum/ Club   1.Agro-Forum 2.MOU- 1.Department of Chemistry,Dr.B.A.M.U.Aurangabad. 2. Department of Chemistry Vasantrao Naik College Aurangabad.
    2   Science club 1. Wall paper presentation. 2. Science Exhibition. 3. Study tour. 4. Poster presentation. 5. Seminar Presentation. 6. Group Discussion.
  • Seminars & Lectures

    1. A Chemistry Lecture series was organized on the occasion of Chemistry year celebration in the year 2011.
    2. A National Conference was organized on ‘Recent Trends In Chemistry’ in the 22-23/09/2012.
  • Wallpaper Presentation

  • Study Tour

    • Tour organizes at paper mill Aurangabad. 11.01.2011
    • Tour organizes at Gautala Sanctuary 15/8/2011
    • Tour organizes at Gautala Sanctuary15/8/2012
    • Tour organizes at University foundation day, science exhibition mobile van, Aurangabad on dated 23/8/2012
    • Tour organizes at Green Gold seeds and CEDT centre, chemical technology, forensics lab, Aurangabad on dated 30th Jan. 2013.
    • Tour organizes at Gautala Sanctuary15/8/2013.
    • Pune ,Mabaleshwar ,Pratpgad et18.12.2014 to 20.12.2014
    • Baramati Agro Sugar Industry Kannad27.02.2015
    • At Walmi Aurangabad Jan.2016
    • Environmental awareness study tour on 19/08/2017 at Antur fort.
  • Best Practices

    Department establishes agro forum and bridges bond between societies (Farmers), agriculture departments & forest department. Environmental awareness.


Name Present Designation Mobile no
Deshmukh Sandip   Assistant professor at Sangoli 983336544  
Dr.Rathod Sandip Assistant professor at Saswad Pune 8623895455
Digole Ravi Assistant professor at Badanapur. 9404011251
Mali Jaganath Assistant professor at Bhum Pranada 8308833836
Patil Pradeep N. Jr. Lecturer at Chalisgaon 9561566982
Korde S.A Research fellow at BAMU 8554028623