Prof. Shivaji Huse awarded with Vilasrao Deshmukh Dnyanratna State Level Ideal TeacherAward 2016.

Introduction of Department:

The department of Marathi is one of leading departments of college. Marathi Department was established in the year July 1972 [U.G. Courses] and P.G. Courses [M. A. Marathi] in 2007. The college has Marathi as an optional subject and first language. We have started1 P.G. course in Marathi from 2007.

Department of Marathi has established ‘’Bhasha Vangmay Mandal”.Through this Mandal various competitions are conducted to develop creative, imaginative, intellectual qualities among the students of Marathi literature. The department tries to develop communicative skills through group discussion, interviews, seminars and workshops. The department challenges the talent of students through our magazine “PARIJAT’’ and wall paper exhibition in college. The department inspires the faculty members to work for minor and major research projects and also participate in different curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The outcome is that Mr. Huse S.B. and Dr. Zade R.D. have completed minor research projects sponsored by U.G.C. and Mr. Akolkar R.A. is awarded M. Phil. degree by Y.C.M.O.U. Nasik.

The faculty members are energetic and enthusiastic in publication area. Mr. Huse S.B. is editor of Marathi Trimonthly Magazine “Tiphan” .. The department also published the book on poetry-writing workshop. The Department always encourages the faculty members and students to take part in the programmes related tolanguage,literaturesl and society to bridge the gap between the higher education and the rural atmosphere, for example seminars, conferences and workshops.

Notice Board

Scope of the subject

  1. Study of History of Marathi language from its origin.
  2. To review the tradition of various dialect in Marathi language and literature.
  3. Study of various literary streams of the Marathi and their development.
  4. Various kinds of prose and poetries in Marathi language and its study.
  5. To study the human, social and cultural values from all types of literature.

Students Corner

Faculty Members

Shri.Huse S.B.

Laboratory Staff



  • Guiding faculty

    Name of Guide

    Enrolled students



    Dr Zade R. D.




  • On-going projects

  • Completed Projects

    Sr. No. Completed Projects Name of Faculty Title of the Project Funding agency Date of Completion
    1 Minor Research Project Shri S. B. Huse Kannad Talukyatil Bhillanchya Lokgitancha Abhyas University Grant Commission 2013
    2 Minor Research Project Dr. R. D. Zade Sant Tukaramancha Samajawaril Prabhav University Grant Commission 2015
  • Publication

    Mr. S. B. Huse
    Sr.No. Title of Book Publisher Author/Co-author Year of publication with ISBN No.
    1 Bap zhala Kasavis   B. G. Pratisthan Main Author  
    2 Sakhi Aani Paus   B. G. Pratisthan Main Author  
    3 Gavakadchi Gani   B. G. Pratisthan Main Author  
    4 Sant Bhagwan Baba   Rajat Prakashan Main Author  
    5 Kavitechya Vata   Shivaji College, Kannad Co- Author  
    6 Kala Maharshi Keki Moos. Tiphan Prakashan Main Author  
    7 Tar Panyasathi Dange Hotil Tiphan Prakashan Main Author  
    8 Dnyan Pandharicha Warkari Vishlesha Prakashan Co- Author - Author  
    9 Vednancha Gaon Tiphan Prakashan    
    Dr. R. D. Zade
    Sr.No. Title of Book Publisher Author/Co-author Year of publication with ISBN No.
    1 Bap   Swabhiman Prakashan Main Author  
    2 Sant Tukaramancha Sahitik, Sanskrutik Jansanwad   Swabhiman Prakashan Main Author  
    3 Kavitechya Vata   Shivaji College, Kannad Co- Author  
    4 Vasudev Mulate Visheshank Tiphan Co- Author  


  • Forum

    • Literary Club
  • Seminars & Lectures

    We organize Seminars & Guest Lectures
  • Wallpaper Presentation

  • Study Tour

    Year Class Date Places Visited No. of students No. of Teachers
    2011-2012 B.A./B.Sc. I, II, III 29/09/2011 Patnadevi, Thakarwadi, Kalimath, Pitalkhora 33 06
    2012-2013 B.A./B.Sc. I, II, III 01/09/2012 Ajantha   28 06  
  • Best Practices

    The various academic and extracurricular activities are frequently conducted by the department to motivate the students. The Department conducts different competitions such as essay writing, poem-reading, debate, Wallpaper, Regular publication of ‘Parijat’ annual college magazine and Loknete Balasaheb Pawar State level Speech Competition The members of the department also publish Marathi trimonthly magazine ‘Tiphan’. CET for P.G.Admission is being conducted


List of Alumni Present Designation Mobile no
Mr. Akolkar R.A. Assistant Professor,M.A. M. Phil, Ph.d. appear 7588536131
Mr. Balasaheb Nalawade Jr. lecturer, M.A.B.Ed. 9423723491
Mr. Santos Parse Jr. lecturer,M.A. M.Phil. ,Ph.D.appear 9822025751,
Mr. H.R.Ghuge P .S. I. 9404508209
Mrs. Kalpana Haral Primary Teacher,poetess
Mr. Rupsh More M.A Marathi,Ph.D appear ,Teacher 9028684488
Mr. Gosai M.A.B.Ed. Highschool teacher 94239930305
Mr. Rajendra Bhosale Poet (Published Anthology of Poems.) 9881735207
Mr. Kiran Ladde Assist. Prof.(Drama writing and actor,award of state govt. drama competition. 9579046212
Mr. Rameshwar Rathod Poet.,M.A. B.Ed. 9404000398
. Dinesh pardeshi Drama writing award of Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishtan Mumbai. 942027072
Shivaji Arkhe M.A. B.Ed. High school teacher 9970201077
Sanjay Dhakne M.A. M.Phil. Marathi, 9422221078
Dr. Vitthal Gholap Vice –Principal, M.A.Ph.D. 9766441603
Pranali Gore M.A. B.Ed., poetess, 9423468681
Gopal Ghuge M.A.Marathi 9764814727
Ravi Shejwal M.A. B.Ed., Assist. Prof. (C.H.B.) 9970201077
Mr. R.R. Malusare M.A.B.Ed. ,Lecturer 7588536131
Ishwar Patil M.A. B.Ed, M.Phil.,Jr. Lecturer 9403205125
Dnyaneshwar Hilale M.a b ed mpP.hil ,Ph.D.,Appear 9405975708