Dr. Alka Gadkari awarded Veerangana Savitribai Phule fellowship.

Introduction of Department:

The department of Hindi is established in 1972. This department contributed a lot in National Integration work by spreading Hindi in Non-Hindi speaking area.Department is trying to create literary sense by organizing various literary programmes.It is a matter of pride for this department that Dr. Chandradev Kawade worked in this department, who is working as president of Hindi Prachar Sabha, Hyderabad. Major Activities 1) Literary forum – To create literary sense among students . Department organizes lecturers and workshop on poetry writing skills and story writing skills regularly and organizing poetry reading and story telling competitions under this forum. 2) Media efficiency—Department organizes media efficiency program for the students .In this program department is organizing program like T.V. news reading. T.V. news anchoring and news writing Skills in print media. 3) Rashtra Bhasha: - Department publishes wall paper entitled Rashtrabhasha which is good platform for student to express and show their literary and writing skills. Our departments have two recognized research guide i) Dr.Burse G.K. ii) Dr.Gadkari A. N.

Notice Board

Scope of the subject

Students Corner

Faculty Members

Laboratory Staff



  • Guiding faculty

    Name of Guide Enrolled students Ongoing Awarded
    Dr. Govind Burse 00 00 00
    Dr. Alka Gadkari 08 08 00
  • On-going projects

  • Completed Projects

    Sr. No. Completed Projects Name of Faculty Title of the Project Funding agency Date of Completion
    1 Minor Research Project Dr. Alka Gadkari Ek Shirshak : Do Vidhayen Do Rachanakar. University Grant Commission
    2 Minor Research Project Dr. Govid Burse Banbhatta ki aatmakatha ka Natyarupantaran: ek Adhyayan University Grant Commission
  • Publication

    Sr. No. Publication No. Year Type Title Impact
    1 Dr. Govind Burse 18   2002 to 2017     National   -- --  
    2 Dr. Alka Gadkari 30 2006 to 2017   National -- --


  • Forum

    • Literary Club
  • Seminars & Lectures

    Department organized two day national seminar on “Vishnu Prabhakar ka sahitya vibhinna aayam.” In 2013 Department organizes seminar for students.
  • Wallpaper Presentation

  • Study Tour

  • Best Practices

    • Organized NEWS Reading competition.
    • Adopted ITC Practice in teaching.


List of Alumni Present Designation Mobile no
Mr. Akolkar R.A. Assistant Professor,M.A. M. Phil, Ph.d. appear 7588536131
Mr. Balasaheb Nalawade Jr. lecturer, M.A.B.Ed. 9423723491
Mr. Santos Parse Jr. lecturer,M.A. M.Phil. ,Ph.D.appear 9822025751,
Mr. H.R.Ghuge P .S. I. 9404508209
Mrs. Kalpana Haral Primary Teacher,poetess
Mr. Rupsh More M.A Marathi,Ph.D appear ,Teacher 9028684488
Mr. Gosai M.A.B.Ed. Highschool teacher 94239930305
Mr. Rajendra Bhosale Poet (Published Anthology of Poems.) 9881735207
Mr. Kiran Ladde Assist. Prof.(Drama writing and actor,award of state govt. drama competition. 9579046212
Mr. Rameshwar Rathod Poet.,M.A. B.Ed. 9404000398
. Dinesh pardeshi Drama writing award of Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishtan Mumbai. 942027072
Shivaji Arkhe M.A. B.Ed. High school teacher 9970201077
Sanjay Dhakne M.A. M.Phil. Marathi, 9422221078
Dr. Vitthal Gholap Vice –Principal, M.A.Ph.D. 9766441603
Pranali Gore M.A. B.Ed., poetess, 9423468681
Gopal Ghuge M.A.Marathi 9764814727
Ravi Shejwal M.A. B.Ed., Assist. Prof. (C.H.B.) 9970201077
Mr. R.R. Malusare M.A.B.Ed. ,Lecturer 7588536131
Ishwar Patil M.A. B.Ed, M.Phil.,Jr. Lecturer 9403205125
Dnyaneshwar Hilale M.a b ed mpP.hil ,Ph.D.,Appear 9405975708