Shivaji Art's, Commerce, Science College Kannad
Sr. College
No. Digree Class Faculty Eligibility
1 B.A FY/SY/TY BA Arts XII th Passed
2 B.Com FY/SY/TY B.Com Commerce XII th Passed
3 B.Sc FY/SY/TY B.Sc Science XII th Passed
4 B.Sc (Comp. Sci.) FY/SY/TY B.Sc. (Comp. Sci.) Computer Science XII th Passed
5 M.Sc. FY/SY Chemistry B.Sc. Passed with Chemistry(PCM/CBZ)
6 M.Sc. FY/SY Botany B.Sc. Passed with Botany (CBZ)
7 M.A FY/SY Marathi B.A. Passed with Marathi
8 M.A FY/SY English B.A. Passed with English
9 M.A FY/SY Pol-Science B.A. Passed with Pol-Science


The Department of Chemistry is established in the year 1992-93 and started B.Sc. at U.G. level. College has started M.Sc. post Graduate course in Organic Chemistry in the year 2007-08 and now this course is running smoothly. The department has well qualified, energetic teaching and non-teaching staff. Laboratory is well equipped with all necessary instruments, glasswares to conduct all B.Sc., M.Sc. practicals and research activities. Dr. V.N.Bhosale is a recognized P.G. teacher & Research guide and he is looking after all of the general and research activities of the department.


Department of Physics is established in the academic year 1992-93 as one of the five departments of the College in Science Streams The goal and objective of the Department was to undertake under graduate teaching and impart academic training to students who opt for studies in Physics. The B.Sc courses are conducted in six semesters with lecture classes and practical work.We have well qualified enthusiastic and motivated staffs who have gained reputation in their fields. We arrange seminars for the student and we conducts guest lecturers of expert faculty. To popularize physics among students; we are conducting National Graduate Physics Examination every year at National level. We take extensive efforts to extent knowledge in the modern developments in physical sciences in shaping the students.


The Department of Botany was established in June 1992-93. Botany is an important subject of science faculty which provides valuable knowledge to students from rural and tribal areas. The Department Shares information of new techniques of farming to peoples from this region.
      • has harmonious relationship with the Department of Forestry and Agriculture, which helps in enriching the students with recent development in Botany, Biotechnology and other allied Biosciences
      • Has well equipped Laboratory.
      • Organizes botanical excursion at different localities for collection, identification, observation and detail studies of various plants species.
      • Has well developed botanical garden enriched with many plant species.
      • Department of botany has started M.Sc. in botany in the year 09-10


Department of Zoology is established in 1992. The department is proud to have well qualified and motivated staff. Department has contributed a great deal in shaping the students and the institute as well. The Department also conducts the course under U.G.C. COP in Sericulture from academic years 2007-08. The Department regularly arranges excursion tour for students, visiting the fishery forms, ecologically important lakes, ponds and Forests. The Department also conducts the Seminars, Group discussions and Wall paper competition for students as extra curriculum activities.


This college started Mathematics Department in 1992. Mathematics being an international subject is introduced for science stream as optional subject at National level and naturally has to have a department of its own proficiency in mathematics is considered essential for higher professional and vocational education. Since the college level is a transitional stage between school and university efforts have to be taken to expand and develop the base which has been already provided in the school. The discipline of mathematics study can help in developing this perception and thus provide and additional tool for serious students of mathematics. It also provides remedial course for weaker students in mathematics.


Department of Computer Science is established in the year 2007-08. Prior to this year, the subject computer science was introduced in our college as an optional subject at B.Sc. level from the academic year 2003-04, as an additional venture of the department of physics & mathematics. The intake capacity for this subject was 40 students.our Computer Laborotory equiped with 50 PCs. In the academic year 2007-08 we introduced two new courses 1) Bachelor of computer science. 2) Bachelor of computer applications.


The department of English is one of the leading departments of college. The department is the backbone of the college. It was established in the year 1972 along with the establishment of the college. We have English as an optional subject, English as a compulsory language, second language. We have been running P.G. course in English from 2006. Department of English has founded ‘Papillion English Literary club’. Through this club Eloquence, essay, poem writing and reading, storytelling competitions, performances of dramas are conducted to develop creative, imaginative, intellectual qualities among the students of English literature. We try to develop communicative skills through group discussion, interviews, seminars and workshops. We challenge the talent of students through our annual magazine ‘PARIJAT ’and wallpaper exhibition in college. In our future plans we are trying to establish language lab and various speaking courses for the students of this rural area.


The department of Hindi is established in 1972. This department contributed a lot in National Integration work by spreading Hindi in Non-Hindi speaking area. Department is trying to create literary sense by organizing various literary programmes.It is a matter of pride for this department that Dr. Chandradev Kawade worked in this department, who is working as president of Hindi Prachar Sabha, Hyderabad. Major Activities
      1. Literary forum – To create literary sense among students . Department organizes lecturers and workshop on poetry writing skills and story writing skills regularly and organizing poetry reading and story telling competitions under this forum.
      2. Media efficiency—Department organizes media efficiency program for the students .In this program department is organizing program like T.V. news reading. T.V. news anchoring and news writing Skills in print media.
      3. Rashtra Bhasha: - Department publishes wall paper entitled Rashtrabhasha which is good platform for student to express and show their literary and writing skills


Marathi Department is established in the year –July 1972 [U.G. Courses] and P.G. Courses [M. A. Marathi] in 2007. The department of Marathi is one of leading departments of college. It was established in the year 1972 along with the establishment of the college. The colleges have Marathi as an optional subject and second language. We have been running P.G. course in Marathi from 2007. Department of Marathi has founded ''Bhasha Vangmay Mandal".Through this Mandal various competitions are conducted to develop creative, imaginative, intellectual qualities among the students of Marathi literature. The department tries to develop communicative skills through group discussion, interviews, seminars and workshops. The department challenges the talent of students through our magazine "PARIJAT'' and wall paper exhibition in college. The faculty members are also energetic and enthusiastic in publication area. Mr. Huse S.B. is editor of Marathi Triennial "Tiphan" with the co-operation of faculty members.


The department of History was started in 1972.Department has setup Historical Museum The head of Department is Dr.Bhelonde J.V. 1. Educational Tour of History students To increase the interest of the students in this subject a tour is arranged every year. The department has visited a number of historical places in Maharashtra & other states comprising Pital Khora, Patna Devi, Antur Fort, Verul, Ajantha, Aurangabad, Khultabad, Paithan, Nashik, Pune, Mahad, Kolhapur, Mysore, Shrishelam, and Kanyakumari etc. 2. Organised State level History Conference With the help of Marathwada Itihas Parishad and ICHR. India. Guest visited to 28 Th State level history conference held at our college


The department of economics is established in the year 1972. We have consistently produced merit rank holders at U.G. level. We help students from rural areas for employment in banks. Department is working for rural economy and their linkage. We inspire students for various jobs and preparing them for competitive examinations


Sociology is the Subject which was introduced with the establishment of college in 1972. We have established Social forum’ to create interest in this subject and for creating awareness about sociology ‘through various programmes like Wall paper ‘Samaj-darpan’ etc. Sociological tours have been organized to study the Social conditions of prisoners of open jail. Remand homes, day care centers, Anatha-Ashram, Nari Sudhar Gruha Industries. Certified School has been visited interviewing the students of these Projects; seminar has been given to the students on several subjects related to social problems of Indian Society. The department has organized several events to inspire the students and to build up their personality to create awareness of social justice and equality. The department has contributed a lot to society.


The department of public administration of Shivaji Arts,Commerce and Science College Kannad started in the year of 1975 . This department runs the course in the subject of public Administration for the under graduate level students. Many of our students are survive in various positions of many more offices.


The department of Political Science was established in the year 1972.The department of Political Science has started P.G.course in Political Science from June 2006-2007. The department of Political Science has also started research center in Pol.Sci from the Year 2001.


The department of Psychology is the important department of college in social science stream. It is established in the year 1984. The department has U.G. and counseling center and also Ph.D. guidance facility.
      • Sufficient instruments are available in the departmental laboratory.
      • Students participate in, discussion, and intelligence test, map reading.
      • Department has a special counseling center.


This Department is very actively working in this college, as an important and leading committee. Its coordinator is Shri.Bhanuse K.L. through this programmes , various programs such as Cultural activities, Storytelling, Poem reading and Debate competition are conducted. It organizes Essay competition related to the current topics which encourage the students to learn different subjects. The coordinators organized different camps, Orientation programs, Lectures on Industrial Education are conducted. They conduct the workshop and seminars to enable the students an information and development of form and also new techniques which they will be award for future plan. This department also celebrates AIDS awareness day, Environment day, etc. This Department is very active and helpful for the adult student from Kannad region. Coordinator- Shri. Bhanuse K.L. h5>* All the above degree courses are of three years duration& PG courses are of two years duration